About us


Doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a writing company to use for the first time in your life or whether you’ve already lost your custom writing virginity, finding a trustable service is hard. Along with low-quality providers there are also more dangerous cases with fraud schemes. How not to become a victim of swindlers? How to get a decent paper without emptying your pockets? How to make sure no one will find out? These questions have become even more important now, when the market niche is definitely overcrowded.

When looking for a writing company, there are a few things you should be aware of:

  1. Using a suspicious website might result in not only your low grade, but also a credit card fraud, which is a rather common thing to happen.
  2. Ordering papers from different services might be useful for comparison purposes, but every time you change the service, there is a risk to get in trouble with a new one.
  3. The percentage of reliable services is low – about one out of ten.

Be prepared!

The usual fraudulent scheme is simple: a group of people develops a website, takes orders for some time and then just vanish. Support numbers do not work anymore, not to mention emails and other means of communication. Unlucky customers, caught in this net, end up with no money, or time, or paper.

Another unpleasant scenario is to receive a paper written by a person who obviously has no idea about academic writing at all. Naturally, such companies should employ different writers, but people without knowledge in this field who confuse ‘their’ and ‘they’re’ shall not be among them.

To save you from dangers awaiting you in every corner…

We launched this website. Its purpose is to give you a clear idea of what every writing service has to offer. Of course, we don’t have access to their commercial secrets and other corporate information, but what we can do is try them out.

To make the evaluation professional, we hired former academic writers or people who have been working in this industry for years. Who would provide more profound evaluation?

Our comprehensive reviews touch on different areas of work such as:

  • Website usability
  • Quality of papers provided
  • Timeliness
  • Level of customization
  • Prices
  • Diversity

Based on our observations in the abovementioned categories we draw our conclusion on whether the service is reliable and whether it can be trusted.

As some services tend to make a good start and then lower their standards, we repeat our evaluation procedures on a regular basis and make necessary amendments to the reviews. This way, you always have up-to-date information on whether a particular service is worth your attention.

Think of what you do when buying a new gadget. You hunt for feedbacks, don’t you? This algorithm applies to custom writing as well. Think of this resource as a catalogue of feedbacks where you can look up any product you’d like to buy. We work to make our feedbacks:

  • Comprehensive (covering all aspects of work)
  • Up-to-date (updated to cover changes in the company’s level of service)
  • Unbiased (we have no intention to deceit you)
  • Useful (reviews cover aspects which are truly important for customers)

Due to all mentioned above, we dare saying that our resource is of significant importance for customers. It helps you to save time, money and peace of mind. Spend two minutes reading the review – it will save you a great deal of trouble in the future.