APA Essay Format Example with Key Tips You Need

APA stands for American Psychological Association. APA essay format style is usually used to cite reference sources suggested in social sciences.

Knowing how to write an essay in APA format is absolutely essential, as in college and university you’ll be writing a lot of papers in both APA format and its spiritual sworn brother – MLA.

APA essay format general guidelines

As far as APA style essay formatting goes, a paper should consist of 4 main parts: Title Page, Abstract, Main Body, and References. APA format essay requires an assignment to be typed and double-spaced on a standard sheet of paper (8.5-inch x 11-inch), including 1-inch margins on each side. In addition, you’re required to choose a readable font. As a rule, APA format for essay writing suggests picking a 12 pt. sans-serif font by default, usually it’s Times New Roman. Finally, never forget about indentation. Always indent the first line of each paragraph by pressing the Tab key once.

Describing the four APA essay sections in detail

Pick any APA essay format example, and you’ll see most papers contain four key sections, which have already been named in the passage above. Now is the time to analyze each section, in particular, keeping in mind every page in the essay must be numbered in the upper right corner of the sheet.

Title Page. Traditionally, Title Page includes the running head, title, author’s name and educational establishment affiliation. Here’s how a title page looks like: a short version of the title, flush left, all capital letters, labeled Running head; page number, flush right, complete title, centered; author’s name and institution affiliation, double-spaced and centered below the title.

Abstract.  In every APA style essay example Abstract stands for a brief summary of the piece, immediately following the title page. Abstract shouldn’t be longer than 200-250 words, double-spaced, standing as one solid paragraph. Abstract must content: topic, thesis statement, methods, findings, data analysis, and conclusion.

Main Body. Heart of your essay, Main Body usually consists of four paragraphs: introduction, methods, results, and discussion. If possible, seek to back up your research question and thesis with applicable references and background info, which leads us to the final APA essay component.

References. Learning more about how to reference the piece is perhaps the main reason students get an APA essay sample. That’s why the next passage will describe the referencing techniques in more detail.

The art of APA referencing

In case you can’t find a decent APA sample essay and need a comprehensive guideline, know that references always start on a new page and provided in an alphabetical order. In every APA example essay, you’ll see that the first line is flush with a left margin. Also, the sixth edition of APA manual suggests using two spaces between sentences instead of one, as it was before. Double-spacing is also must-do. Every source you use as a reference must be highlighted both in-text and at the reference page. And finally, names of books, journals, magazines, and newspapers must be typed in italics.

Should you have any trouble referencing your paper, get an APA format essay example to have complete confidence in what you do. Today correct APA and MLA formatting constitute 30% of the final grade for the paper, so have a smart head on your shoulders and address the issue of referencing with all due attention.