This is what we found out about for you

Although aptly named, is ready to deliver essays, research papers and many other types of assignments, and promises to do it at a high-quality level. Are their promises true? We decided to find out.

How convenient is the website?

The website of the service seems rather convenient. At least, it has a few pages describing the process of writing, ordering procedure, and providing you with details about the company.

On the left, there are a few links leading to the pages devoted to separate dissertation chapters. Judging from their contents, the service tries to be useful to every customer, even if the latter is not going to order.

By the way, there are also individual pages devoted to dissertations of various levels – undergraduate, master and, doctoral. What can we say? If you need a dissertation – great, the website has plenty of relevant information. If not – too bad, you’ll have to search yourself.

What is the quality of papers?

To test how good the service is, we decided to order a research paper. If they specialize in dissertations, most likely they do it well. But what about other types of papers? It was a trick, no doubt, but we needed to be sure that the service can cope with various types of assignments.

So, we ordered a research paper and specified the longest term of fulfillment – 10 days. The writer was left on his own. We did not intrude and just waited for the results, which, by the way, arrived in only 7 days. Of course, when the term of fulfillment is that long, delivering early is not so difficult, but still makes an impression.

The research paper we received was quite good and could get a sure B. To try out the full range of services offered, we also requested a revision. It was performed free of charge, and though nothing was changed crucially in the paper, it obviously became better.

How much does it cost?

Our 6-page research paper cost around one hundred pounds – not bad compared to other prices in the industry. If you need to find out the price of your order quickly, go straight to How It Works page and scroll down – there you will see the price chart that summarizes rates and urgency levels.

First-time customers are offered a 20% discount (do not forget to enter the code!) and also, unsatisfied clients are entitled for refunds, which is definitely a strong benefit of the service.

How many subjects are covered?

The service covers 50 subject areas and has the ‘Other’ category, which means the list is not complete. This is an average number for a writing service, and there is room to grow.

What about customer support?

Customers of can talk to their support department 24/7 (which is true) by email, toll-free phone or online chat.

Our conclusion is a service that can be used for various types of academic assistance, ranging from short essays and up to dissertations. Their focus on dissertations does not prevent them from being good at other spheres as well.

The rates of the service do not exceed the average level and can be reduced by means of discounts. The orders are delivered on time.

To sum up, while there are a few areas for development, in general the service is worth your attention and money.